This week, a group of friends and I took on the Cape Horn Loop in the Columbia Gorge. The variety of views and terrain made for a crazy fun experience. I do wish I’d had more than a cellphone to capture photos on the 7-mile hike.  My only other regret is wearing regular shoes… I knew it would be cold and windy, but I didn’t expect the amount of snow we ran into!

We started to see bits of snow on one hill…


Even with power lines, the view took my breath away.

At one point, the trail meandered through a park-like area. While the flatland could have felt out of place after the bits mountainous gorge terrain, the weather gave this flat area a fabulous wilderness-explorer vibe. (Think Lord of the Rings. Oh yes.)

Here we were almost at the end! We crossed under the highway, which added yet another dimension to the varied experience. I may or may not have stomped through the tunnel to make booming echo noises.

And, as is my usual, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sky. There’s something mesmerizing about the amorphous beauty of clouds. The trees were pretty amazing, too. 😉

From the snow in my socks to the wind gusts that almost blew me off my feet, I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I am so thankful for great friends, a beautiful day, and God’s breathtaking wilderness that we have the privilege to explore.